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Wall Art - Tiles Photography

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Ever thought of having a creative and versatile wall art decoration?

Photography arranged in tiles. A creative way of composing stylish ensembles of photographs. Flexible to the max. Adaptable to your needs and decorative situation.

The ideal way to showcase a thematic series of fine art photographs. A way of transporting the different facets and characteristics of a subject, a scenery, or some memories of travel destinations. - Be it in black and white or in color.

Check out the Angkor Series - 12 different captures of sculptures in the archeological sites of Angkor, Siem Reap in Cambodia. Some historical witnesses of a past culture carved in stone. Ornaments, sculptures, and pieces of ancient Hindu and Buddhist art.

Or the underwater series - 12 different underwater photographs with reef sceneries from the Maldives, and pelagic animals from Socorro Islands in Mexico.

Unique captures in square format that can be arranged in a custom way on the wall.

The manufacturer of the framed photographs here is using a special concept with an adhesive material in order to fix the frames on the wall. A material allowing to hang the frames without having to screw or nail anything - hence, no damage to your beautiful walls. A material allowing to place and replace images as you go, providing the required flexibility to follow your creative needs.

As third showcase - the Costa Rica series - 12 photographs from the nature of Costa Rica in Central America.

The series brings some relaxing, calm, and fresh atmosphere of the ever green landscapes of Costa Rica to your home.

Details in close ups from animals captured in their natural habitat. The series brings the unique experience of hiking rain and cloud forests and observing the untouched nature and wildlife.

If this got you inspired and interested - learn more about orders at

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