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Iconic Mountains - The Matterhorn

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

The first work week of the year 2021 has passed. And the current COVID pandemic is controlling many aspects of our lives around the globe.

While searching for an iconic image of the Matterhorn - Mount Cervin in Zermatt - for a wall picture of a friend of mine I was working on my Matterhorn collection.

Some years ago I spent time in Zermatt on several occasions taking pictures of that iconic mountain. We were setting up at the top. Taking pictures both digital as well as on film using my forty years old Hasselblad 500 c/m camera. - An Iconic mountain requires it's picture taken by an iconic camera ;-)

Gornergrat at an altitude of more than 3'100 m.a.s.l. is one of the best spots to take pictures of that impressive mountain rim.

At this altitude the air starts getting thin and breathing gets challenging with physical efforts. The comfort of being brought up there by cable car in some thirty minutes does not really help in this.

Surrounded by several peaks all higher than 4'000 m.a.s.l. one can feel the power of nature and spirit of earth.

But there is one peak which could not be more prominent. - The Matterhorn - Mount Cervin. That iconic triangular shape towering above all other peaks leaves a massive impression.

There is no doubt that this natural landmark is the biggest asset of the area. Be it for millions of tourists, for pictures, and for all the mountaineers who conquered that mountain.

Unfortunately with the restrictions of the current pandemic tourism is a bit lower and does not pay off that well. Hence, images might be an alternative to serve the longing for mountains.

Probably billions of pictures of that magical mountain have been taken over the years. And many people have a picture a picture decorating the wall in their house or appartement. And nature with ever new weather conditions makes every picture special.

Hence, it can well be understood that the search for new images never ends. And, that iconic pictures of Matterhorn remain attractive to the audience.

Thomas Crauwels - Fine Alpine PhotographyWhile searching the internet for Matterhorn imagery I came across an incredibly impressive portfolio of iconic mountain images by Thomas Crauwels.

Thomas offers his images printed and framed, ready to be placed on a wall as a masterpiece. And it's not only the Matterhorn which he captured in unprecedented and spectacular manner. He is documenting mountain sceneries of the entire Swiss alps.

I can only recommend to have a look at this exceptional portfolio. Find the portfolio at link.


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